2024 Event Partners

We are beyond delighted to be sponsored and supported by local businesses and organisations. Without whom, it would be impossible to stage our events.

We are also very proud to be supported by Donegal Tourism and Fáilte Ireland - our event partners across all our 2023 events.

If you are interested to discuss Event Partnership options, we would love to hear from you. Please find information on Event & Title Partner packages below.

At Excel Sports, we appreciate the value of our Partners, and how they help us to deliver top-quality events and experiences to our participants. In return, we offer our Partners exposure and return of investment through promotion and branding before, during, and after each event.

The delivery of quality paternership management is the key to our future success.

Partners benefit to gain a return on their investment through such methods as: increasing brand loyalty, creating awareness and visibility, reinforcing your company image, changing consumer behavior, driving traffic to retail and website locations, finding new markets, etc.

We intend to give the best value, achieved by working with you to design a partnership that will help you reach your marketing goals. Racing provides endless marketing opportunities for the participants, families, and fans. Events give fans a chance to associate their personal values with such core values as fitness, dedication, and achievement. Endurance event partnership is a great way to associate these values with your company. Share your partnership with the events on social media often and watch how people will be attracted to your company and brand.

As each event is held in Donegal we like to align with Donegal-based companies who are keen to be linked to the county, with a brand that promotes ‘pride of place’. Our lead Partners become synonymous with fitness and premium racing in Donegal.

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Seven Sisters Sustainable and Ethical Sponsorship, Partnership, and Fundraising Policy

At Excel Sports, organizers of the Seven Sisters Skyline, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable and ethical partnerships that align with our commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and responsible event management. Our premier mountain running event, a cornerstone of Ireland’s sporting calendar, attracts 500 participants and is renowned for its world-class route along the Seven Sisters in the Derryveagh mountains.

1. Environmental Responsibility:
- Sponsorship Criteria: We prioritize sponsors and partners committed to sustainable practices, minimizing their environmental impact, such as waste reduction, carbon offset programs, and sustainable product offerings.

2. Community Engagement:
- Local Partnerships: Emphasize collaborations with local businesses, supporting the regional economy and fostering community involvement.
- Inclusivity: Seek partnerships that align with our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and equality, ensuring our event remains open to all individuals.

3. Philanthropy and Social Impact:
- Fundraising for Causes: Collaborate with sponsors and partners to allocate a percentage of funds raised towards local environmental and community initiatives.
- Public Awareness: Use our platform to raise awareness for social and environmental issues, encouraging participants and sponsors to contribute to positive change.

4. Ethical Considerations:
- Alignment with Values: Evaluate potential sponsors and partners to ensure alignment with our core values of sustainability, inclusivity, and ethical business practices.

5. Recognition and Exposure:
- Mutual Benefit: Ensure that partnerships provide mutual benefits, with sponsors receiving meaningful exposure to our diverse and engaged participant base.
- Positive Brand Association: Strive to associate our event with sponsors known for ethical business practices, enhancing the positive perception of both parties.

In adopting this Sustainable and Ethical Sponsorship, Partnership, and Fundraising Policy, we aim to not only elevate the Seven Sisters Skyline event but also contribute positively to the environment, community, and societal well-being. We invite sponsors and partners who share our vision to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

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2024 Event Partner - Benefits

Donegal East - Nomadic Dairy promo

After each event we will call or meet with you to let you know how things went. We will tell you of any special exposure or feedback you received and how many times we were able to get you mentioned in announcements.

2024 Event Title Partner - Benefits

Nomadic title partner

After each event we will call or meet with you to let you know how things went. We will tell you of any special exposure or feedback you received and how many times we were able to get you mentioned in announcements.

If you opt for Title Partner, we will also give you the right as the sole Lead Partner.

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Partners Marketing Matrix


Logo Impressions

Media Channels


If you become our Lead Partner we invite you to also be part of our ARD - Hiking & Trail Running club. The club can act as brand (product) ambassadors for your brand/product as part of the Lead Partner package. We can promote your brand at all the various weekly scenic locations our group runs.

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Our Affiliated Partners

Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc

The Seven Sisters Skyline 30k and 55k races, aswel as the Sliabh Liag 50k and 25k races are all part of the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) Index Race system. UTMB is the biggest and most popular Trail/Mountain race in the world. A UTMB Index race contributes towards every Finishers UTMB Index in the corresponding category (20K, 50K, 100K or 100M) and gives privileged access to the UTMB World Series Events or Majors.
Being part of this system, exposes our races to a worldwide audience.

ITRA - International Trail Running Association

International Trail Running Association (ITRA) is the international governing body for trail running. Our events are affiliated with ITRA - Excel Sports competitors gain ITRA points for completing our races. Being part of the ITRA system brings international attention to our events.

The performance index is used to compare the level of different trail runners around the world and is built on a scale up to a maximum of 1000 points. The top of the scale corresponds to the theoretical best possible performance.

Affiliated through our registration company partners (Njuko) our events are advertised on their platforms (website, social media pages, newsletter). They have 440,000 visitors per year which is huge for event advertising and Brand Awareness.

They have over 20,000 social media followers where we can post about events and sponsors. Emails to participants with event information and sponsors.

World's Marathons

A global platform to advertise running events. The Seven Sisters Skyline event is advertised here. Their platforms reach 2 million runners monthly.

With an outstanding global reach and advanced technology, World's Sports Group is the standard bearer for the promotion and registration of endurance events across the globe.

Fáilte Ireland/Discover Donegal

Locally our events are advertised and promoted on platforms associated with the tourism departments for Donegal through the tourism departments, the Wild Atlantic Way and Fáilte Ireland.

The Discover Donegal website has over 250,000 visitors annually from a worldwide audience, in addition to their social media reach + offline marketing activities. @DiscoverDonegal

Ard - Hiking & Trail Running Club

In 2021, we started a training group for the Seven Sisters Skyline event - ARD - Hiking & Trail Running club. This now is a new club which caters for beginners, introducing people to trail running and hiking in Donegal. The club trains every weekend, covering different areas and routes in Donegal.

This club offers a great opportunity for a partner to be associated with a social, fitness setting linking physical activity, well-being, and an appreciation of the great outdoors.