Excel Sports are a Donegal based sports event organisation that organise and promote unique sporting events, challenges and training around County Donegal, Ireland. We offer three premium events and participation in our hiking/training club, ARD – Hiking & Trail Running.

Our belief is to be the best YOU can be. Our aim is to encourage and empower participants of all levels to engage in health and fitness experiences while appreciating the beauty of the county and all that it has to offer.

Our philosophy is that wellbeing is intrinsically linked to being outdoors, which is why our events and training all take place outside, surrounded by nature. We have a passion for the ability of others to bring out the best in people, so our events and training group also have a social focus.

We challenge people to do something they didn’t think they could.

Our values can be summarised as: Local and sustainable, nature-loving, healthy and social.

About Us

Excel Sports Ireland organise and host unique sporting events around County Donegal, Ireland.

Sign up to one of our three best-in-class races or join our hiking and trail running club – ARD.

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