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Seven Sisters Skyline

Dunlewey, Co. Donegal | Sept 23rd 2023

Excel Sports’ Seven Sisters Skyline 55km & 30km event has become Ireland’s premier mountain running event. It is also Ireland’s largest with its 500 participants. The event is run on a world class route which featured in the World Mountain Running World Cup in 2022.

The event race route runs along the top of all of the Seven Sisters in the Derryveagh mountains from Errigal to Muckish. The course is renowned for its variability in terrain and amazing beauty.

The event is for individuals, women and men only. There are no team or age-related competitions. We have two distances for you to pick from, which will you choose?

Now you can purchase Cancellation Insurance - available at checkout allowing you to claim an 80% refund up until 3 days after the event finishes.

The Seven Sisters Skyline 30k and 55k races are part of the Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) Index Race system. UTMB Index races contribute towards every Finishers UTMB Index in the corresponding category (20K, 50K, 100K or 100M) and gives privileged access to the UTMB World Series Events.

Seven Sisters Skyline 55km Profile
Seven Sisters Skyline 55km Profile
Seven Sisters Skyline 30km Profile
Seven Sisters Skyline 30km Profile
Seven Sisters Skyline 55km Route
Seven Sisters Skyline 55km Route
Seven Sisters Skyline 30km Route
Seven Sisters Skyline 30km Route

22nd Sep 2023, Registration day: Participants pick up their GPS tracker and bib number the day before, at the Dunlewey Community Hall. Footage of previous races is projected on the wall and the participants are invited to write a sticky note on the memory wall. There is an electric buzz in the air as people from all around the world mingle.

23rd Sep 2023 Event day: Start lines: The 55k participants set off from Dunlewey at 06:30am. The 30k participants start at the other end, at Muckish, at 08:30am. Spectators line the roads at various crossing points, witnessing the challenge in the flesh and cheering on their friends and family. The aid stations dotted along the route are a hub of activity and provide continuous motivation. There are professional Marathon Live photographers along the route capturing the runners in action.

The Finish line - Watch the fastest male and female runners reach the finish line after arduous hours running the Donegal mountains.The first 30k runners finish under 4hrs and the 55k runners first finishers arrive in under 8 hrs. A professional Irish radio DJ keeps the spectators entertained. There is a live video feed from the finish line from the GPS tracking company. Each runner receives their medal at the finish line. Here they hang out in the refreshments area with hamburgers, chocolate bars and drinks. The atmosphere is filled with heavy satisfaction and excitement as the dj plays upbeat music and the festival director continues to welcome the runners.

The Prize Giving Ceremony – Held in the local hotel at 9pm. After short and entertaining speeches from famous mountain runners, there are refreshments and traditional music. The runners use their mobiles to post how they feel on an online wall which is updated live and shown on the surrounding screens. The participants toast to their huge achievement and experience an authentically Irish celebration in a Gaeltacht in Donegal.

24th Sep 2023 Post-event day: Glenveagh day out - The participants, families and friends are invited to a relaxing day at the stunning Glenveagh National Park. Here they can enjoy a delicious lunch, hire a bike or tour the castle and gardens. The Marathon Live photos are available for the participants to purchase and share their accomplishment with their friends and family.

Seven Sisters Skyline 2023 Returns as Part of Skyrunning UK & Ireland Series
Dunlewey, Co. Donegal – 23rd September 2023

Excel Sports is delighted to announce that the Seven Sisters Skyline 2023 event will once again be included in the prestigious Skyrunning UK and Ireland series. As the only Irish Skyrace, it showcases the country's breath-taking landscapes and challenges the endurance of mountain runners.

The Skyrunner UK & Ireland Series, officially known as the "Skyrunner® UK. Ireland Series," is part of the Skyrunner World Series, the pinnacle of high-altitude endurance races recognized by the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF).

Skyrunning distinguishes itself from other mountain running activities through its race criteria, including day races completed within a single day, race distances ranging from 22 to 99 kilometres to ensure a full intensity performance, and races characterized by their technicality, speed, intensity, and extreme terrain.

The Seven Sisters Skyline, a prominent event on the UK-Ireland Skyrunner Series in 2021 and the Mountain Running World Cup in 2022, is thrilled to re-join the Skyrunner Series for 2023. Taking place on September 23rd, the route takes place along the Derryveagh mountains, traversing all Seven Sisters from Errigal to Muckish. Participants will experience the mesmerizing beauty and extremely challenging variety of terrain of the course, which received international acclaim during the World Mountain Running World Cup.

With an elevation gain of 4,000 meters, the 55km ultra race category presents a formidable challenge, while the 30km category offers a demanding 2,100-meter elevation gain. The event attracts a diverse international following, and its live GPS tracking captures global attention, drawing viewers from over 15 countries in 2022.

Excel Sports is the driving force behind the Seven Sisters Skyline. Committed to promoting unique sporting events and training experiences across County Donegal, Excel Sports aims to empower participants of all levels, encouraging them to push their limits while appreciating the county's natural beauty. The organization's ethos revolves around the belief that wellbeing and outdoor activities are inherently connected. Additionally, Excel Sports emphasizes sustainability, local engagement, and a social focus, fostering a sense of community among participants.

"We are thrilled to again be part of the Skyrunner UK and Ireland Series," said Eunan Quinn, founder of the Seven Sisters Skyline event and owner of Excel Sports. "Our Seven Sisters Skyline event provides an extraordinary opportunity for mountain runners to test their skills in one of Ireland's most stunning landscapes. We invite all runners, from beginners to seasoned athletes, to join us for an unforgettable experience."

The importance of the environment and the wider sustainability agenda for tourism is a fundamental operating principle for Fáilte Ireland. The VICE model for sustainable tourism development (Visitor, Industry, Community and Environment) provides the Framework which Fáilte Ireland uses and integrates into all of our activities and outputs in order to ensure environmental protection, economic competitiveness, community & visitor awareness and involvement are considered.

In terms of environmental sustainability specifically, we recognise that Ireland’s natural environment and landscape is at the core of a successful tourism sector and its protection, enhancement and promotion are of vital importance. Having regard for our best practice and management approach to the environment, there is a strong recognition within Fáilte Ireland of the need to integrate environmental considerations practically and we would encourage our partners and stakeholders to take the same approach. Consideration at event level for waste minimisation, sustainable waste management, water conservation and energy efficiency and the promotion of same are some of the many ways in which this can be approached and become an integral part of an event. Fáilte Ireland fully support such planning and integration. Information can be accessed via the Fáilte Ireland Festivals Sustainability guidelines.

Outstanding Natural Beauty
Traverse the Derryveagh Mountains and reconnect with nature. The course is renowned for its variability in terrain and amazing beauty.
UTMB Index Race
Finishing a UTMB Index race will contribute towards your UTMB Index.
Ireland’s premier mountain running event
The Seven Sisters Skyline is Ireland's most EPIC mountain race - are you tough enough to take on the sisters?
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